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These cells cease to allocate the products of their vital activity, but with a vengeance accumulate fat and suck all that liquid, toxins, waste and other filth. And with them the same thing happens, that in such cases happens to people - get fat cells. As a result, they are tapered overgrown connective tissue begin to bulge outward by the most disgusting tubercles. As you can imagine, this can happen not only in excess of adipose tissue, but with the smallest amount of it. And according to Truth about Cellulite E-Book it is not always the notorious "orange peel" is adjacent to the completeness, although in women who are overweight it is stronger and more visible than in lean.
According to Truth about Cellulite program and eBook, women cellulite occurs in 80-95 % of cases, while men almost never. Perhaps the point is that one of the causes of cellulite - the action of female sex hormones - estrogen. In men, they are very few.

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There are four stages of cellulite  

 In the first stage of cellulite is impossible to see. Women usually think that it's a bit plumper or more swelling due to fluid retention in the lymphatic vessels, but the skin while still flat and smooth.In the second stage of cellulite venous system is unable to cope with the amount of liquid that must be excreted. In this regard, the pressure rises inside the tissue. Fluid accumulates and compresses the veins, thus blocking the last opportunity for the outflow. Fat deposits are thick. Once oxygen ceases to act, began to develop connective tissue in the form of a mesh-like cell.In the third stage, "cell" shall apply only to a few cells. At first glance, the skin appears normal, but if you collect it in the fold, easy to see the infamous "orange peel".To correctly determine this stage of development of cellulite Joey Atlas told procedure thermal test. To do this, to lay down their arms crosswise and back of your hand to check the temperature of the skin (for this test needs assistant). In places strong running cellulite temperature is always slightly lower. Another method of diagnosis - a symptom of a pinch. To do this, gently, slowly but strongly squeeze the skin between two fingers, just hold and let go abruptly. If there is no pain, then pinch the negative symptom, i.e., the nerve endings are saved and all is not lost.


At the third stage of cellulite treated seriously because of the formation of the same connective tissue that is attached to one side of the muscle, and the other - to the skin.At the fourth stage of cellulite is already visible without additional manipulation, and creates significant discomfort a woman, sometimes not only psychological but also physical. On the cellulite areas skin cold and has a cyanotic hue. Symptom pinch positive, and thus hurt the nerve endings and so cellulite is already causing pain.Why did this happen?There are many factors that are directly or indirectly, lipid metabolism and therefore the development of cellulite, it is safe to identify the main:

Hormonal imbalance, especially ovarian dysfunction, accompanied by an increase in the blood levels of estrogen;

• Thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders

• Protein metabolism disorders, in particular the reduction of albumin in the blood;

• Hereditary factor;

• Violation of proper nutrition;

• Physical inactivity, Sedentary life

• Chronic stress

• Chronic fatigue and so on.

What if this happens?

The problem of cellulite can be defined as the tendency of fatty tissues to hold liquids. As a result, edema, compressing the adjacent portions of the connective tissue, which in response generates a dense collagen fibers, insulating lumps of fat and impeding circulation. While gradually into the subcutaneous tissue characteristic lumps are formed. Sometimes due to poor blood circulation, they become inflamed and become painful. Click here to order now

Generally all fat mass of the human body can be divided into three layers, which are different from each other and located metabolic characteristics. It is considered that the number of adipocytes (fat cells) in adult enough time. Hence, an increase in the amount of fat is not associated with an increase in number of fat cells, and increases with their size. Diameter increase in adipocyte capable 30-40 times, depending on the degree of obesity and adipose tissue characteristics.

The first layer - the surface is located between the skin and muscle fascia - thin film covering the muscles. It is from this layer is mainly dependent on shape and proportions of the human figure, that is exactly it is "responsible" for completeness. The first layer is disposed on the entire surface of the body, and in fact he is affected by cellulite.
The second layer of fat mass - deeper, located under the muscle fascia. Its volume is more or less constant and does not change when the total weight loss of the body.
The third layer of fat - internal (visceral) - located inside the abdomen. Hypertrophy - an excessive increase of this layer - more common in men, and is expressed in the form of a big belly.


Get rid of cellulite is difficult, but possible. This requires an integrated approach. Diet without special anti-cellulite cosmetics, LPG-massage without muscle training - none of these measures alone will not work. But if at the same time to be vigilant on all fronts fight any cellulite is gone, and under certain conditions will never appear again. There are also some programs online which can helps to remove cellulite, like Joey Atlas`s Truth About Cellulite.
Complex anti-cellulite action

1. Proper diet (no fat, fried, sweet, starchy foods - eat in small portions, but often) helps normalize weight, metabolism, rid the body of toxins.
2. Even minimal burden on problem areas muscles activate blood circulation around the cellulite cells, causing them to give the accumulated fat.
3. Hand massage (or LPG-therapy) can help to "break" the cluster of affected cells.
4. Anti-cellulite cosmetics improves microcirculation, makes the skin thicker and more elastic, and cellulite bumps less noticeable. To the nutrients for sure hit at your destination - the fatty subcutaneous tissue - cellulite cosmetics recommended combined with the wraps.